What is Uniks CBSE Board Exam Part-1 Test Program for Class 10th 

Uniks MCQ solutions explaining triangles Class 10

Uniks MCQ solutions explaining triangles Class 10. Know how to solve MCQ triangles Class 10 Part 5

Uniks MCQ solutions explaining triangles Class 10. Know how to solve MCQ triangles Class 10 Part 5

Uniks MCQ solutions of Triangles Class 10. know how to understand MCQ Triangle Class 10. Part1

Uniks MCQ solutions of Triangles Class 10, How to solve Triangles MCQ questions Class 10. Part 2

Online Test Program 

AIPMCA-UNIKS 2022 is such a study program which is made to solve the student issues. We realized that the actual problem of students of not being able to solve the problems or questions is because they are more tilted towards knowing the answer directly. They are not interested to know why. And till you don’t know why you can answer one or two questions whose answers you already know but not all. Also now a days students jump to see the answer from google or somewhere but not put their mind to find the answer themselves. This will drop their creativity and analyzing ability. We AIPMCA-UNIKS launched two programs in which one is by looking to the demand of students and parents an AIPMCA-UNIKS 2022 CBSE 10th Part-1 Online Test Program. This program includes full video explanation all doubts all questions how to approach MCQ and the shortest method to solve a MCQ question. The other program is a regular Online Coaching Program. This includes weekly Online Test program again with full video explanation and smart technique. The Country due to this unexpected COVID-19 issue and Lockdowns realized the necessity of good Doctors/Engineers and hence this UNIKS Study Program has been launched. Students are facing few problems in getting admissions in Medical/Engineering Colleges. Student faces majorly three issues

  1. Economic Issues
  2. NEET Score Issues
  3. Specialized Study Program

How and why AIPMCA-UNIKS 2022 is designed

 First the basic of such concept started with Smart Classes from EDU–M.

Positives:- The Classes were through Projector and there were Premade Video Content given to the Schools at once and they have to show it to the School Students one by one through a given Pen Drive. They proposed Schools that after specific period of time the Projector Ownership will be transferred to them. After calculating EDU–M demand and what they were providing as a product Schools started finding it lucrative and slowly started excepting their offer. School started finding it attractive to show or highlight it to Guardians. They started highlighting that they have Smart Classes facility in their schools and as a competition many started doing the same. The other Schools started taking such product in fear that if they will lack this they may lose students and admissions.

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Negatives:- The base of School is teaching, initially you can attract students and guardians through an infrastructure, building and beauty but at last what works out is the standard of teaching and result. At least this is the thinking of majority of guardians. Hence as the content of EDU–M or many such Companies which came later in competition were not unique or anything interesting. The content looked very much similar to the book itself and the background voice of videos were similar to reading a book. The graphics were not up to the mark and were not even attracting students and so the actual goal started missing. The only reason Schools kept it as it mostly became the reason of Brand and was cost effective but mostly they started using it to show there you tube videos or their own videos. And so the future of this product started going down.

The second breakthrough came when B–US came in market. An App based teaching. There came many in between but in Online Teaching the speed the quality and promotion were not up-to the mark. B–US invested much in product and promotion and they started getting good response too but as they were investing much in promotion and as they invested much in product too and were searching for direct clients so the product cost was high and hence slowly-slowly the demand started decreasing. The main reason was that here again the product was given to the students in advance for the whole year in a TAB and the student have to study himself by opening the TAB and the content on daily basis. We can’t expect a student to continue being disciplined enough and keep on studying on time every day. The second issue was that if they are taking so much money then there should be interaction and as the material were recorded so it was impossible for them to make it interactive.

So then came B–US Classes. Here the company felt that kids and Guardians want Interactive Classes so they started this concept of Live Classes. But as in Live Classes for interaction the student quantity should be limited so they joined local qualified teachers. As if they will take popular and branded teachers then per student teaching cost will increase very much and hence it will become the reason of project failure. Again as the teachers are of Local standard so they can’t go to school for this proposal and so they started approaching the students directly.

B–US Classes, UN—–MY, V—-TU, TO—S and many such Companies are focusing now on Live Classes to make their teaching interactive and similar to what they are already doing in regular days in normal Coaching.


How UNIKS School Teaching Program is different:-

  • The teachers are one of the best in the country.
  • The content is best represented.
  • The presentation is attractive by keeping in mind that it should be catchy for students and very clear that they can understand the concept easily
  • The video recording and presentation is by keeping in example cricket broadcast. The way they show the close up. How they show the run outs slow motion review. The LBW ball tracking. The close-up view. This all makes the TV broadcast of cricket very interesting and more enjoyable. Our company understanding is live teaching is like watching cricket on field. Watching the cricket from far and enjoying in stadium with crowd this is like watching a match with single camera from far. If we are watching the same live telecast on TV with single camera and but just making it close enough then it is not going to be exciting for TV. The TV broadcast should be with all details some slow motion presentation, some ball tracking review, with some extra commentary with some entertainment values, because this all is possible in TV broadcast so we should utilize all the scope TV broadcast have.
  • The entertainment value and the idea of catching the students will be such as in classes teachers ask students a question just after explaining a chapter of Science or Math or like in TV Reality Show asks the question with the audience and viewers or like an anchor asks questions with viewers and entertains them with their comic timing. But keeping in mind that the basics and goal of the teaching should not go. It will be live as all the reality show comes on fixed timing so the matter and the related questions and the entertainment value will not decrease. The student reply answers through sms of respective questions. We increase the interest of students by highlighting their name and with a small; video clip of first top 10 students who sent the right answers in the lowest of time.
  • The last thing which is left and comes mainly through guardians and even critics that what about student teacher interaction. This we solve through two ways.


  1. We prepare our recorded video by keeping real students in the class. Some the queries the real student arises and some we intentionally prepare which can come to students mind to make it clearer. We believe that these questions will match with the questions of students who will watch our online broadcast.
  2. If still some queries left then as our program is school teaching based program so in class school teacher who is specialized in the same subject use to solve. For these teachers we are planning to start a teachers training program too. That will make them solve the student’s issues more interestingly. Also the same teacher maintains the discipline while the online broadcast class is going on.


  • We also take weekly, monthly, half yearly and yearly online tests. This will make the students always updated with the course. To create students real interest towards the Test we announce the top 50 students name and small video clip and also felicitate them with some kind of gifts, scholarship or call them to our live classes with free travel expenses and stay at our place.
  • We broadcast our videos on TV. We provide nearly a 55”TV to every classroom of a school and there will be timely class wise broadcast. Or we can say Online Streaming.
  • The last and final difference is our UNIKS School Teaching Program cost. It is very cost effective. None of our competitor stands in front of us in comparison to cost, content, presentation and entertainment value.
  • Students can also study through any android phone too and can get all the same facilities directly at home or any place if interested. This initiative of ours can help to increase the reach of our product to masses.

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